Our life is our reflection. At birth all we have equal opportunities to get ahead, however, there are those who decide to act, and others remain anchored in their grudges and regretting her luck. So each who receives what he styled and while the result is not always positive is just our responsibility. Love is the only cure of the soul. We may have an illness, but we are not the disease. We can have unfortunate, but we are not that misfortune. Each one of us we are the love that God has given us, the rest is passed.

It is never late. It is never late to forgive, never too late to talk and never too late to give love. We must take advantage of the time that has been given to us to evolve spiritually. Accept our life. God gives me strength to accept what I can not change, Dame value to change what yes I can, and give me wisdom to recognize the difference. By accepting we can flow and continue our destiny. Things that are never going to be able to change, but we can see it in a different way and stop suffering.

God’s plan is perfect. As much as we see the world and our lives as the opposite of what they wanted, not so. God has put us in the perfect place to allow our evolution, polishing our shortcomings and make shine our virtues. Now that I grew up and already you can understand, this is what I thought and I share it with you. I don’t know that so well or that so much bad you could have fact; but I do know that both evil and so much good you made me; as well as I know that you gave me life and therefore forgive you heart. A daughter. Original author and source of the article.