Czech Republic

After all, the low-energy properties in the Czech Republic is self sufficient and self-sustaining facility that uses its services from external utilities only cold water, and even then only if your own site is not found deep water and no opportunities for drilling and the use of its water. External source of electricity as required as a guarantee, but only if the private electric batteries that are located across the roof of the object is not cope with the consumption of electricity. Yes you understand correctly that when building a house for space technology and installed electric solar panels, which allow you to feed the whole object Property electricity. Construction technology and the lack of joints in the walls allowed for 98% to keep heat in the house and hence a direct benefit virtually no internal heating. Internal System ensure the property allows you to adjust humidity and temperature in the room. The house has underfloor heating installed, which are directly related to the delivery system for the home and the temperature is dialed automatically. Gas and gas equipment in low-energy real property in the Czech Republic are not used, since it increases the cost of utilities and maintenance. Internal system of electric boilers, usually on the each floor property is set if a separate boiler and water from private wells installed cumulative capacity for heating and use vody.Imenno self-sufficiency and self maintenance of each facility Real estate makes it more attractive to buy and stay.

Economy and the liquidity of such real estate purchases in the Czech Republic is simple. Initial costs of the increased cost per square meter when buying a home compared with the usual real estate pays off for 8-10 months of residence. Liquidity of housing in the Czech real estate market and on European real estate market is very large and still growing. During World economic crisis, this subject is discussed and it becomes very important. Because dependence on foreign sources of energy by using low-energy housing drops to a minimum. All major construction of the Czech Republic and of course their consumers understand that the future of the real estate market in the Czech Republic and Europe over the construction of economical, environmental, housing.