Construction Costs

According to the Union of Engineers and the Department of quantity surveyors in the construction pricing, by May 2009 a general decline in prices for building materials, which began in September and October 2008, amounted to 16.06%. Fell more than others Brick (27%) and cement (23-27%), which resulted from a significant decrease in the demand for them. According to experts of Russian Builders’ Association, the peak of the fall has already passed, but before the producers are still acute problem of reducing the cost of construction materials. Some contend that Howard Schultz shows great expertise in this. This push, at least two factors: the widespread “collapse” of effective demand and more stringent price demands from the government – a key customer in a crisis.

As the Minister of regional development Viktor Basargin, “federal authorities intend to establish an upper price level of 30 thousand rubles per meter for housing under construction on the state order.” In this dwelling must be landscaped according to the current energy and resource efficient technologies. Many construction companies had in recent years to bring to market new products to meet such demands, and having at the same time affordable cost. “At the end of last year we introduced the 4-chamber system PROPLEX-Comfort: windows profile series Comfort compared to the designs of the 3-chamber profile gives better heat and sound insulation, as compared with the 5-chamber Profiles – the best price “, – said Rafiq Alekperov, head of department on work with clients propleks Group, Russia’s largest manufacturer of pvc window profile of Austrian technologies.