Today I would like to address the issue of web maintenance, aspect that I consider key to any organization or company that owns one and that this play an important role in their communication and sales processes. Once said that the web maintenance is an important issue we have to define web maintenance since my experience is that each one understands a thing different. We define the maintenance of websites in a double sense: technical web maintenance: this paragraph would those jobs related to security updates, management of the hosting and domain, backup, repair of broken links, elimination of certain parts of code, improve website content maintenance performance: is this paragraph englobariamos the creation of new pages, formualarios, both content update images as texts, insertion of product offerings, creation of newsletter, reply to comments another important issue is that not all web pages require the same maintenance, is not the same a personal blog to an e-commerce to social network each one of websites will have their platform and will be analyzed in detail. One of the first councils that would in the first place would be that when choosing a server, and unless we have some very heavy web, is that we elect to a shared server to us ahorara work maintenance and costs. Another important point is when choosing the suppliers technical choose a good company for web design or online marketing agency that is dedicated to this kind of work. This type of companies look at that type of CMS built their website, I would opt for a free software CMS, opensource, because but you see almost certainly obliged to hire the web maintenance with them. I give a last point, plans for the future.


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