Cassandra Rivers

– It traces. I am traces! Trying to pass unobserved between the others, I feel traces it that it is hidden enters the sewings of books pra the end to die jammed between its pages (RIVERS, 1981, p.214). The nomination that Berenice of its sexual condition is alegoria that much explains the condition of the homosexual, adjective proper it its way of appraising it of two forms ' ' tineidas' ' ' ' tisanuros' ' , biological pertaining to the same species divergindo however its habits. The transcendncia of one to be to another explicit one for the aluso to become one, opens edges what we call as ' ' metamorfose' ' that nothing more it is that a change of not definable form, in this direction has the co-relation between being woman and to become lesbian, both the facts that if give for a process of condicionante representation and real representation of existence in synthesis are the retraction of a lesbian culture in formation. I resell personal options and the social organization of the personages is possible to search elements in the historical transformation that justify its positioning, therefore with a desviante character Rivers escapes of mere simplificaes, the justification for the existence of this boarding is that the homosexual until then was seen as a unfortunate person, predestinate sick person to the failure loving and the solitude. In its proper workmanships they are gays that they are puted in charge to say who are, not corresponding to the given classifications for that they are most of the time artificial and loaded of preconceptions. Consideraes final Very beyond a simple retraction of relations homosexuals between women, the work of Cassandra Rivers is a form of representation of a new culture. That literarily with a thematic transgressor it constitutes the consequences of a estigmatizada society, appearing simultaneously as a form of resistance camouflaged, understood and boarded currently as denunciation.


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