Calculate Your Ceiling

Ceilings – simple, convenient and attractive option processing facilities. They have not only a decorative function, but also to successfully hide the communication carried out under the main ceiling and allow you to embed spotlights and does not require alignment slabs. Various constructions of suspended ceilings allow you to implement any ideas of interior designers and meet all the requirements for premises. A variety of materials from finished ceilings, provide a solution to problems of insulation, ventilation and fire safety. No need for additional finishing (painting or pasting) allows for the process of installing a suspended ceiling in the short term. And the price of a standard suspended ceiling systems makes these available to all customers. Ceiling of the most common design with a hidden frame. They consist of: the visible lining elements (plates, panels), guides are needed for the frame (can be visible or hidden), the elements of fixtures (pendants, connectors elements, inserts), supporting elements attached to the main ceiling of the room, and wall decorative details, installed in the ground near the ceiling to the walls.

Calculation of fastening the ceiling conducted on the basis of five times design load, and the allowable deflection is taken not more than 1 / 250 span. Also, be aware that between suspended ceilings and the main should be a space for natural ventilation, as do the design must ensure ease of maintenance for electrical equipment (recessed lighting) and access to hidden communication. One of the most common variants of the ceiling is cassette.