Business Language

In the world today there is a perception that French is losing more and more their positions. Representatives of the Association for the Protection of the French language and promote it in the world upset by the fact that American English prevails everywhere, he penetrated into all areas of human activity. Is no exception, and France. And if it goes on, many languages, including French, will lose its relevance, not only in within the global community, but also in areas where it has existed since time immemorial. More recently, French was the official diplomatic language and knowledge of his welcome in the world.

In 1905 a peace treaty between Russia and Japan was prepared exactly in French, as it was thought that this language is precise and clear as any other. Unfortunately, the French President Georges Clemenceau broke among the first to this, an international character, tradition. He is expressing his gratitude to American and British allies, has made a proposal which consisted in that for drafting the Treaty of Versailles was used as the French and English language. So was the first step to ensure that international documentation was prepared in two languages simultaneously. Today, many French firms, as well as administrative offices have moved to use its activities in English. Documentation of many enterprises in France are taught in English. Conferences and colloquia in the country, conducted in English, and even those involving only French. As you know, French is one of the six working languages of the United Nations, but, despite this, nearly 90% of all documents drawn up in English.