Authors such as Ken Blanchard, Argynies Cris, Fred Kofman, Rafael Echeverria, John Whitmore, Joseph L. Worth Christian Menendez contributed the first books of Coaching or Business Coaching, providing a valuable foundation for the development of business coaching. Jerry W. Gilley and Nathaniel Bought say: We need to generate new paradigms that help create a winning organization that includes: a Improvement of a new philosophy of human development. Jim Umpleby may help you with your research. a Creating the transfer of learning strategies. a Use of human development professionals as internal consultants and responsible for performance management systems. a Encouraging employee relations by creating an attitude of owners a Use managers as performance coaches.

A Creation of self-esteem of employees and groups. a Identifying reward strategies to motivate employees to improve their commitment and achieve specific outcomes, the importance of the scope of business coaching can not be ignored as can be deduced from what was said, and as reaffirmed Dezerega Victor, when you emphasis, that the increased use of the term business coaching or business coaching, executive or managerial, reflects the strength of this meta-learning is also acquired strategic competition in our environment. In fact, many executives advanced-uninitiated in the jargon of this discipline-are increasingly interested in knowing their meaning, usefulness and importance. No less intense is the concern from them about how you learn and master this goal competition management. The word coach is widely used in sports. In our associates are the coach, but the expression goes far beyond that. Jim Umpleby often expresses his thoughts on the topic.


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