Building Materials: Wood

Wood has been used for centuries as a fuel and as construction material. Wood-organic material composed of cellulose fibers. It provides water and other nutrients to the leaves and other growing tissues, and has a support function, allowing woody plants to reach large sizes, or stand up for themselves. People have used wood for millennia for many purposes, primarily as a fuel or as a structural material for buildings, tools, weapons, furniture, packaging and paper. Wood is an important building material, at a time when people started building houses and boats. To late 19th century, almost all the boats were made of wood, and wood remains in common use in shipbuilding today. Wood, which is used for construction buduet commonly known as lumber. Engineered wood products are more and more in construction.

They can be used in residential and commercial buildings as a structural and aesthetic materials. In buildings made of other materials, tree will still be found as an auxiliary element, especially in roof construction, in interior doors and frames, as exterior cladding. Wood is also widely used as formwork for create a form that is poured concrete, reinforced concrete in many wood-konstruktsiyah.Primenenie most importantly it has the advantage that it is the fact that it is a natural cleaner produktom.I can be used for different goals. To date, modern equipment for processing wood, as well as the modern system of lumber drying, allow us to produce high-quality dry-edged planks of spruce, pine, larch, fir and other species. Planing lumber is also carried out only on the equipment of leading European manufacturers, in compliance with all international requirements and standards. Wood is the main material of our house natural building material, used by people for thousands of years. In terms of ecology, wooden house, beneficial in all stages of manufacture, installation, operation and disposal. You'll enjoy life for many years in a warm, dry house with a wonderful micro-climate. Setting a frame house on a foundation made by a team of specialists in just one week! This means that the long-awaited examination of the house can be made only on the second day after the installation!