Back Office Sales

Best practices of several of the clients indicate that when evaluating the need to develop customizations, there are 5 factors that need to be evaluated in terms of the impact on business, they are: scope of customizations, impact on operations, cost of its development, support in the internal knowledge of the Organization, support for collaboration at work. One of the practices better established by this group of companies is the capacity and flexibility of SalesLogix to handle integration with different systems. With e-mail systems and integration with Back Office or ERP systems is fundamental to all of them. The record of all the contacts of the organization with its customers through the channel of e-mail was catalogued as fundamental for all companies and the ease with which SalesLogix makes it stand out. Likewise there are many applications and facilities to all customers have developed through the integration of SalesLogix with marketing, ERP, distribution, Supply Chain Management, systems etc., all aimed at providing better information to all personnel of points of contact with the client and increase the productivity of all staff through the systematization of many operations. Automating the process of lead generation and distributing them to different channels like contact center and sales force is another practice widespread in many companies users of SalesLogix. The use of alerts and notifications and features activities to sales force scheduling allows to optimize response to prospects and clients interested in products and services. The rate of loss of new contacts it has strongly reduced due to the combination of appropriate processes with the support of SalesLogix System. The immediate benefit of the automation of the management of prospects is to increase the conversion rate of prospects in new customers a more widespread practice is the use of SalesLogix in other functions that are not directly related to marketing, sales and service to the customer.