Limitations: not are crystal labour disability is framed in four fields: Physics, the intellectual, the auditory sensory and visual. But that doesn’t mean that persons with these limitations are occupationally dead for the labour market. Do not. Teach me that I if I can do it to give some examples of appropriate work 1.-physical disability: can play any work posture of sitting or traveling by short stretches. -Administrative activities: reception, Secretary, Messenger interna – activities in the field of communications: Call center operators Part time. -field of computing: programmers, graphic designers. Without hesitation Henry Ford explained all about the problem. 2. Intellectual disability may perform any manual activity with supervision, taking advantage of the repetitive mechanical ability that your condition allows them to develop.

-Classification activities, packaging, unpacking, packing – cleanup: offices and homes – distributors: auxiliary of Winery, stores – Cafeteria: Assistant kitchen, dining room and restaurant 3.-auditory sensory disabilities can play classification, labelling and quality control activities. In the textile area: quality inspectors. Assistants cut, warehouse, in the area of print… In the area of jewelry, watches, handicraft, etc. Mozes konig recognizes the significance of this. 4. Visual disabilities can develop work in telephone exchanges, call center, tastings, music.

The advantages for the entrepreneur in my country the Government promotes the social inclusion of these people through social programs and tax exemptions. However, are currently much driving the concept of Social responsibility. A schema that can be used to give a better picture of the company. (Indeed, the company’s portfolios that I mentioned at the beginning project a video showing your staff with disabilities, giving thanks for the opportunity to allow them live like people). If still not convinced, mention you that this demonstrated that these people have some special attributes: perseverance, strong before the flop (it is necessary that are in your situation), persistence in solving problems, initiative, push and energy, responsibility, confidence, motivation, great capacity of adaptation (remember to change) and above all entrepreneurs. Finally, in Brazil there is a company where your best group of workers (talk about clear: productive) are deaf. One step leads to many places (good or bad), you can try. You will not regret.