Anna Kulikova

A database access is only very large companies. ‘Theoretically this is the case and the judicial perspective, – said the Pins. – If a person is denied a job, you can find out who was subsequently adopted for this vacancy, to assess the court order skills of both candidates, and in this case, the court may decide that the real reason for the refusal to hire was not ‘. But these precedents do not know a lawyer. Hooligan forever ‘No matter what long-settled conviction, the fact of its own often can not get a decent job – recognizes the problem Anistsyna Vera, head of recruiting personnel center unity. – After the security check candidates with a professional record will not pass with 99% probability. ” Was the case when the candidate is interviewed for the vacancy ‘head of logistics department “in a foreign company, said Anistsyna: in the first three stages of his thinking make an offer, but before it decided to test its security service. The result – denial, since in 17 years the candidate has a conviction for disorderly conduct, and this despite the fact that at the time of writing, he was already over 40.

‘Everything depends on the person and his desire to work ‘- convinced Sergei, 20 years had served a year for disorderly conduct. He asserts that the 10 years since that time, had never encountered problems when searching for employment raboty.No prefers fact cancellation of conviction does not advertise. ‘I understand that if you pull yourself together to go to work in a bank, it is likely that security check failed. But in any large industrial enterprises will have no problems. Few years, I worked as a technician in the factory “Red October”. ‘Man, who had a previous conviction for refusal to pay alimony, we have adopted – says Anna Kulikova, personnel director of the Russian business unit . – But the candidate with professional record for fraud is likely to deny. ” Kulikova said that the situation in the labor market allows you to choose the best.