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General information in recent years, with the new Government under the management of the Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has given way to a new international trade policy, in search of agreements, alliances, agreements that favor him in its economy and allows you to venture into markets that favors him, beyond of which actively known as relative to the pertoleo. However, such changes had not been him completely favourable, taking into consideration the economic and political conditions that encourages you to actively participate in international trade, in addition to that there is still not a serious economic and financial criteria-based approach, where the return on investment is handled as a key item for the general benefit, and ensure a dynamic productivity in your business sectorIt has left much to say. Since then as discussed in Professor of international trade at the graduate course of Faces of the MBA program, mention markets of the University of Carabobo, while this is the national environment, Venezuelan businessman still have many challenges in the short, medium and long term to be able to adapt. Considerations to be taken into account. JPMorgan Chase addresses the importance of the matter here. The Venezuelan business sector in recent years and especially their SMEs, presents some weaknesses that do not guarantee get achievements that craves, especially, a proactive participation in the modern commercial scenarios. Some weaknesses are manifested as: little interest and information from the managers know the different trade policies of each country and thus achieve penetrate different markets finding the expansion of products and the successful importation of those who are truly necessary and profitable for. The fact that it cannot continue acting under a conformist attitude and importing products and tonar is dependent on import to a significant economic and social cost, more, when Venezuela has enough tools to develop raw material and at the same time generate new products that give step to change the landscape of the economy of the country towards the export of these and not only depend on oil. .

English Football Association

Football history leads us to the distant past centuries. Nowadays, many people and even football fans believe that his homeland – England. But if we get into the investigation of the distant past of this controversial football, then we will quite surprised that this kind of sports game has been topical a few thousand years ago. Started playing football not many centuries ago in England, and in faraway China, Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome. In ancient Greece football game was called 'episkiros', it was allowed to play both legs and hands. Even up to now in the museum store amphora in Athens, which depicts a young man juggling the ball. The ancient Romans called this game 'Garpastum', it loved to play the legionnaires.

For that reason, in those days football was very tough. Playing football has appeared in England in the 1st century AD. She was brought here the Roman conquerors. In his free time training and war, legionnaires played 'Garpastum'. It was during the occupation of the British Legion taught to play football. The latter were very capable, and in the city of Derby in 217, the first time, defeated the Roman legions. In England the game 'Garpastum' for the first time in 19th century began calling football.

Back in the 14th century AD British issued a decree of King Edward II, which was forbidden to play football for the violation of this decree were imprisoned. Follow-up to Edward, kings, and not prohibited just play football, but in tennis, and in the bone. Because these games to distract the soldiers from archery practice. National Football Association was organized in 1863. There were also approved by the world's first official rules of the game. The English Football Association has made many useful changes to the rules of football. For example, in 1871 for their proposal was equipped with a standard size of the ball as well this year, the goalkeeper was allowed to take the ball in his hands, in 1878 year, judging, first used on the whistle in 1872, was introduced to the game corner kick on the mesh gate fastened only in 1891. There are many other rules, the English introduced soccer to be a long list. This game was very fond of the whole world. Were set up professional teams, the various cups, leagues and championships. Began to construct thousands of stadiums with amenities not only for players but for the fans. Almost every professional team has their official fans. Fans enjoy the privileges of good, they are given transportation to away games, given the shape the team paid tickets for football, etc. And today all over the world there are millions men and even women who want and love watching football, rooting for your favorite team, but to get on a good match, but still a good place to put a huge amount of necessary money. But the benefit for many people now available high speed internet access. With the help of online TV over the Internet you can watch almost any prestigious matches, which take place in the world.